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Full Version: Part 272.dat
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Can this part connect flush on a baseplate? I am looking at the bottom and there does not seem to be room for every stud. Compare to part 3943a.dat which does connect well on a baseplate (I think).
Don't think it does, unless it isn't made correctly. It is contemporary with the macaroni brick.
Can't find any good picture of the underside. This one is the best I can find.

Looks like the outer wall on 272 should be modelled thinner. Don't have a physical part to check though.
While shopping for some shoes for my son, we came across a building event for kids and in the well sorted raw-material I found... Part 272, what a surprise (there were a lot of other gems as well)

I took some pictures, but what I can say right now is that the outer wall is modeled too thick. The gap between the inner wall and the outer wall is exactly one stud. The center looks fine, so the only correction would be the outer wall.

See yourself:


Almost done now. Only the final polish left to do tomorrow....
Now uploaded to the Part Tracker.

[Image: 272.png] Please review it.

I made the outer wall thinner and corrected a lot of the internal edge lines inside the smaller cylinder.
The ring for the studs are still a tiny bit to narrow, but to fix this issue I have to use a lot more stupidly thin ring-prims.
I think it works.