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Full Version: txt2dat problems
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I'm trying to create some text using txt2dat and this font:


[Image: txt2dat_output_01_zpskjmavcgf.png]

The characters are not curvy so there's something going wrong here. Does anyone have advice on how to get better results? Here's my command line:

"E:\Programs Windows\LDraw\txt2dat-0.2.3-mingw32\txt2dat.exe" -s Hello -c 15 -p 12 -b- -e error_log.txt -r 1 -x "C:\Windows\Fonts\RG2014B.ttf" > whatever.dat



Okay, it's related to the font size. Increasing the font size makes things smoother. Not sure why this has to be the case though. Sad


I wish you could set the bounding box height too (and stretch the text).
Earlier versions of txt2dat directly provided much (too much?) smoother curves (don't remember when this change was done).
To stretch or resize the text I use Nils' Pattern Creator.

I look for a decent font size that gives me the proper granularity for the curves I would like to have, if it is a one time use I resize it with the help of LDPC. If it will be used multiple times, e.g. the "Cargo" logo in the trains I do make a "standard" sub-file which has dimensions that are fairly easily scalable without too many decimals.