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Full Version: 10221 - Super Star Destroyer
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This file is (mostly) OMR compliant.

Things to fix:
- No minifigs
- No stickers (probably will not be fixed)
- The mini Star Destroyer hasn't be added (yet).
- The angle on the hull pieces needs to be adjusted
- Other model clean up

I'm just throwing this up since it's good enough to play around with and render but the perfectionist in me won't let the above minor issues go.
Very nice,

It's also seems to use a couple of unofficial parts, you'll need to include those for omr

Some how I thought this model was bigger, still impressive though.
I suspected that but since Bricksmith seemlessly integrates the Unoffical directory it was transparent to me. I'll run the file through MPD Wizard after work.

I might add that Bricksmith is awesome and this model would have been much less enjoyable to build without it. The Favorites category alone sped up the process immensly.
MPD updated with the needed unofficial parts.
I'm working on one of these too!!! even though yours is done, I still want to finish mine. Kind of a challenge!!!
In the interim, hear's my mini ISD from the set. I haven't cleaned up the headers yet though.
Be kind it's my first MPD in 8 years of using LDraw!!!
I will be doing the at least the bridge stickers for this at some point (if no one beats me to it!!!).