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Full Version: Looking for OMR Modular Building series
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with the next AIOI I'd like to include OMR files of the modular building serie: Café Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium.

Please post your models below. Make sure the respect the new OMR specs: http://www.ldraw.org/Article593.html

Thx, w.
Don't forget about 10218 - Pet Shop. I saw that one on sale at the LEGO store 2 weekends ago.

would you please fix also your architecture models so I can include also those.

But of course. I'll do that when I get home.
Done, and updated.
Submodels broken in fallingwater.

Should be fixed now.
I would really like to share my files, but they are in an very old "standard". If somebody wants to fix them, I'll upload these files.
The Cofe Corner can be found here: here the Green Grocer and another file is on my computer.
Sorry, at the moment I'm a bit busy to change the files by myself.


Upload them. OMR spec compliance doesn't matter as there is no OMR yet and this forum won't be isn't just for OMR compliant models but any LDraw model of an official set.
I have been curious about this.

Based on the old OMR spec it appears that there was an OMR at one point, located at http://www.ldraw.org/repository/official/ but... It no-longer exists.

What is the story with this. Will it be reinstated with the new site? Will it move to peeron?

I think it would be nice to add a column to peeron set lists to an ldraw model of the set, if it exists. Much like the links to instruction scans of a sets, if they exist.
There never was an OMR. Since any reasonably competent collection needs acceptance criteria, I spearheaded the effort to define an actual working spec so that we could create something. Now that that effort is done, a developer is working on the web interface. So hopefully, sometime soon, we'll actually have an OMR.
There is no DB or forum yet but I'll include OMR models with the next AIOI so OMR files are highly desired.