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Full Version: LEGO Star Wars parts request
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I was looking at the Ldraw Parts Tracker and noticed that quite a few useful parts are missing. Namely:
1121660 Darth Vader Helmet Type 2
6112162 Darth Vader Mouthpiece
6103457 Sabine Wren Hair
6101867 Agent Kallus Helmet
6100163 Tusken Raider Head
6101031 Inquisitor Helmet
6078291 Bith Head

I would like to request these pieces; the following links show them in brickset.com:

Darth Vader Mouthpiece http://brickset.com/parts/6112162

Darth Vader Helmet Type 2 http://brickset.com/parts/1121660

Sabine Wren Hair http://brickset.com/parts/6103457

Agent Kallus Helmet http://brickset.com/parts/6101867

Tusken Raider Head http://brickset.com/parts/6100163

Inquisitor Helmet http://brickset.com/parts/6101031

Bith Head http://brickset.com/parts/6078291

No volunteers?
Do you know if any of these parts are present in LDD?
If not, they're really hard to recreate without a 3D scanner...
I don't think they are, because they aren't on Rolf Osterthun's website digital-bricks.de. I've also looked several times at LDD myself, to no avail. :-(
Any volunteers?
No volunteers?
If the parts don't exist in LDD, they need to be 3D-scanned. Only a few people (if not only one) can do this. And they need to own the parts.
I couldn't have given a better answer. And not only own the parts, but some (more) free time too!
OK. Thanks anyway!