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Full Version: James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2011 awarded to Travis Cobbs
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The SteerCo is pleased to announce that the 2011 James Jessiman Memorial Award (JJMA) recipient is Travis Cobbs.

Travis Cobbs is the author of LDView, one of the cornerstones of the LDraw System of Tools. When it comes down to quickly viewing a LDraw file, LDView is the first choice for many users. Additionally, do to his active development since it's release in 2000, LDView has become the de facto reference renderer for LDraw part and is used by the LDraw Parts Tracker to generate part images. Travis has been a major player in shaping almost all the LDraw standards and specifications and has furthered the LDraw language and community as member of the LDraw Standards Committee since 2006.

More information on the JJMA can be found at:

Willy Tschager
On behalf of the LDraw.org Steering Committee
Congratulations to Travis. A well deserved winner.
(I feel a little strange starting my own topic for this, but there doesn't appear to be any alternative.)

I'd like to thank the Steering Committee and the Jessiman family for presenting me with this award.

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Hello Travis,

sadly, the original thread http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...1536#REPLY
announcing the award is not allowing replies (for normal mortals).
I really do not understand this Berlin wall inside our community at all:
What could be so bad about a reply? It's text only and won't hurt nobody.
"LSC, open this gate! LSC, tear down this wall!"

So I take this thread for replying, I just wanted to congratulate as well
and express my appreciation for the great piece of software that LDView is,
your amazingly quick responses in helping users, and all the other valuable
contributions to discussions in bringing the LDraw community forward,

thank you, Travis!

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I'd like to personally thank Travis for all his contributions over the years. His technical knowledge and lightning speed response time make this hobby more enjoyable.
Congratulation, Travis, for your excellent work with LDView (as well as for your backstage work!). A well deserved reward.
Congratulations and well deserved. As other have said, not only is LDView a super tool, but in the past when I have emailed Travis with feature requests and esoteric bug reports he has been helpful and responsive. Thanks!
Congrats Travis!
thanks, much better