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Full Version: 5541stickers
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I could not find the (3) 5541 set stickers, anyone working on those, I think they are fairly easy to make (except maybe the license plate one).

I would appreciate it if these stickers made it into the library at some point (goes for all the missing model team stickers) Smile

I was planning to make all the Model Team stikers, I've started a long time ago and then stopped. I still have to correct some of the 5533 Set I've post on the tracker.

As soon as my 2552px2 Baseplate is done, I will start again on those stickers. Unless someone else is taking it.
I found this scan at RoberTo's Brickshelf folder which is fairly good. Do you have a better one?

Which three stickers do you mean, I did not find any in the Library?

When do you need them?
The three you need for the main model, namely:

1x4 tile grill pat
2x2 round tile grill pat
license plate

There are some photo's in the instruction booklet scans I used at peeron.com


edit: Oops, I seem to completely overlooked the other used stickers, it seems you need all of the ones on the scan Gerald linked to Smile
The long grill sticker looks to be the same in 5571, but I could be wrong.