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Full Version: Sorry, you can't reply to this topic
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So, is it really "easier" to post in the new forum? When we're not even allowed to post feedback to point out problems in updates announced. I think it really sucks a lot.

My first impression is that LUGnet was way more open and Democratic. Do I hate this message: "Sorry, you can't reply to this topic. It has been closed." Or, if I or anyone had anything to announce, LUGnet was an open forum for everyone.

I wish I could close this thread so you can experience how it feels not to able to respond to a message.

Tore, I think you are a bit harsh here... Lugnet has a similar system in lugnet.announce, you can't reply there but only in follow-up threads. Now, I'm not sure it's really helpful to close topics...
I close one topic and you find it. Topic closing is the exception to the rule Tore. Believe me when I write that I don't plan on using this feature often or at all. As far as annoucment feedback, that should be posted here in this forum.
By starting a new thred, that is?
I'm not having a problem with not able to reply to announcements, but like I asked in the 'development section' topic....

Where I'm I supposed to post a non website announcement to which I do like to receive reply's ?

On lugnet this is e.g. cad if it had something to do with software, but we only got specific application sections here at the moment.
I've created 2 new forums:
- General Announcements - no replies
- All other programs - self explanatory.