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Full Version: Best way to help part author volunteers to meet part requests?
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Greetings LDraw Friends,

Aside from providing links to BrickLink/BrickSet images, is there anything I can do to help part author volunteers to meet part requests?

For example, does a part author need to physically have the part and 3D-scan it? Such as Sabine's hair (from the Ezra Speeder Bike set):

Thank you,

For easy shaped parts it's enought to have correct measures. For complex parts you should one the part and you should be able to 3D-scan this part OR this part is available in LDD, If so, you can extract the geometry there and rework it, that it matches our standards.

High resolution pictures taken with a perfectly orientated angle are always welcomed for patterned parts. And sometime it's a pain to find them on the net if one doesn't own the part.
I always appreciate a hi-resolution scan of the sticker sheets, Printed part etc., 600 or 1200 DPI would be perfect. A photograph never shows the proper dimensions (especially of stickers) respectively distorts the proportions.
Would it help any of you volunteers if I purchased pieces and had them sent to you? For example, I could buy the Sabine Wren minifig hair and send it to you so that you could 3-D scan it: http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?item...colorID=63