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Full Version: Unable to open MLCAD?
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I've just installed the AIOI package on my laptop (windows 8, 64 bit, directly in the c:/ drive) and I can't seem to open mlcad or lpub. mlcad keeps asking for a parts or p directory, I browse to the parts folder and hit 'ok' and I get diddly. LPub wants me to 'browse for folders"... but it doesn't tell me what folders. LView worked fine, LFind is building databases as I type this...

What am I doing wrong?

UPDATE: Fixed-my LDraw folder somehow got dumped in C:/Public/Documents, and MLCAD was pissed it couldn't find it. Moved it to C:/ proper, pointed it to LDraw, and it worked.
Just try to point them to your LDraw directory. I assume it is "c:\Ldraw".
Then it should work.

It shouldn't have happend. Did you have admin rights while installing? Did you have an oder version of the AIOI on your disk?

Yes and yes, but I used the uninstallation tool at the start of the installer-after the first time of a completely fresh install and having the same thing happen.
Could you please send me your:

Setup Log.txt

file in your:


folder. Thanks.