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Full Version: Tile duplicate
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3068bp14.dat: Tile 2 x 2 with Map, River Mountains Cross Handwriting Pattern
3068bp31.dat: Tile 2 x 2 with Map, Handwriting, River, and Red X Pattern


Perhaps I'm missing something, but other than extremely minor cosmetic differences, these two LDraw tiles appear to be duplicates of the same part.

The only difference I can spot is the colour in the bubble which points to the red cross. I don't know, if this is correct or not, cause I don't own this part.

I think the bubble colour is probably down to photography or production run variance. Photos of one of them also appear to have the "black" colouring slightly more to the right, but almost certainly that's a production run problem. Given that they're both consuming an average of around 200KB I would be inclined to dump one of them and alias it to the other.
I can remember at least two sets of tiles with a very small difference in the coloring.

3068bps1 and 3068bps5 -- two different shades of grey
3069bp0e, 3069bp0f and 3069bp0g -- three shades of grey

Could it be the same here? Same pattern, but with different coloring of the lake.
The mountains are a different grey too, so maybe this is a case of old-grey and LBG?