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Full Version: Questions about license and conversion of rotation matrix
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I still think the 4x4 way is the way to go but not knowing the unreal specifics I can't be sure. The biggest pointer is the wrong position of the ramp parts. The reason they end up at the wrong place is because one of the world axis is mirrored (so 50 should become -50 etc)

if the mirroring is only done on the orientation it will look kinda ok except for parts which use the mirrored axis (after rotation in LDraw space) in their positional information those will end up at their original non mirrored location because the positional information wasn't (correctly) transformed.

Things go fine, most of the time, when you only do two axis' because those are the two non mirrored ones.
For the exact wording it would be good to know if you're using the library, build your own converting the library, used the file format,... In short in which way your prog is connected to LDraw.

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