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Full Version: Using LPC to make Two Sided Minifig Torso
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Hi all, I'm new to the forum so let me know if I'm putting this in the wrong place.

I am in the process of making designs using LPC (LDraw Pattern Creator) for some models. The specific part I was looking for (the Astro Torso from the Mars Mission theme) is not in the parts library and I have not seen it in the parts tracker, so I decided to make it myself.

I used Inkscape and a few web images to make rough-but-good-enough SVG files for both the front and back, and exported them as a file to use as a background in LPC. What I can't figure out is how to apply the different patterns to the different sides of the torso.

I'm quite a noob at this sort of thing, so any help is much appreciated.
* Design the front and export File > Export as DAT > Project on XY plane (-z, Front)
* Design the back and export File > Export as DAT > Project on XY plane (+z, Back)
* Fire up LDDP and copy all lines into one single file
* Move out the front -10 LDU
* Move out the back +10 LDU
* Add minifig torso subfile and neck mark (check other torsi for reference)

0 // Front
0 // Medium Dark Flesh
4 84 -1.33 2.75 -10 -3.07 2.92 -10 -1.17 3.04 -10 -0.93 2.85 -10
0 // Back
0 // Yellow
4 14 0 1.2 10 6.5 1.2 10 6.41 1.6 10 5.935 1.84 10
0 // Minifig Torso
1 16 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 s\973s01.dat
0 // Neck mark
1 0 0 -4 0 4.243 0 -4.243 0 -8 0 -4.243 0 -4.243 1-4cyli.dat

Hope this helps,

Just a hint : You can directely export SVG files to ldraw format using svgtodat. Then you only need to retriangulate instead of using it as a background. This is the method I use for patterns.
I think I tried this, but couldn't make the program work on my computer. I'm not exactly sure what the problem was; I tried so many converters on that particular day.
I'll give this a go, but I may need a little more help. What exactly is all the extra coding in your message?
Okay, I did most of this... I think.

I'm guessing that I shouldn't have exported it the way I did, because now the back pattern is coplanar with the torso part that came along witht the exportation of the front texture (because it was templated for a minifigure tosrso). This coplanar zone has that awful half-in-half-out look when both faces try to occupy the same space.
Post your part and let's see what's wrong.

Okay, I attempted to attach the file...
Well, you simply need to remove the lines 3, 4 and 5 from your uploaded file. ;-)
Anyway - you did a great job with the pattern. It looks very well.

Agree with Max - great job! Are you sure about the neck mark's color 16? Which set does the torso come from?

This is the back-side cover (just at the beginning of the file)
4 16 19 29 0 19 32 0 -19 32 0 -19 29 0
4 16 -14.345 2 0 14.345 2 0 19 29 0 -19 29 0
4 16 -14.345 2 0 -12 0 0 12 0 0 14.345 2 0
If this is deleted the pattern on the back looks good.

The templates available in LPC are only for one sided torsos. The back-cover is added by the template.

You could delete it from the template to stop LPC from generating these three quads.

Another option would be a new template for the front and backside of the torso. How this works can be seen as an example in the "2525" flag that caters for both sides of the flag.
Thanks everyone, that worked very nicely!
Actually, I never realized that the neck was color 16. It doesn't need to be accurate; black would do. The question is, how do I change it?