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Full Version: Any desire for an "Off Topic" forum?
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I think I'd like to add an off topic forum. I sometimes have technical question that aren't necessarily LDraw related that I know a lot of the regulars here can answer. It would at worst save me a frustration Google search. Of course any off topic forum will be heavily moderated and flame wars, etc... would be ruthlessly terminated.
I agree. It's also nice to allow the community to have somewhere to discuss things without worrying about relavence.

I always like to hear something off-topic.
We have a nice community and lots of curious people, so it is not unlikely that the same things interest us.
However, we should not start the 1000th C++ help forum etc.,
but I guess this anyway is not what you suggested, so let's try what happens :-)
C++ (if relevant to some LDraw program, e.g. "how do I parse type 1 lines?") should be in a development section.

Everything not relevant to any other section could be put in the off topic section like "Did you see that Lego Christmas tree in London?"

my 2cents
Maybe this is a silly question, but why is there no "General LEGO" forum for people to talk about LEGO sets? Given this is a site based around modeling a particular company's toys, you'd think there would be some interest in actually discussing said toys.

I don't know, maybe I'm way off on this.
I think there are plenty of other fora for those discussions, and I don't believe they need to be duplicated here.
I think that'd be fine in the "Off Topic" forum - LEGO related discussion that's not LDraw-specific.
So discussing LEGO on a site dedicated to modeling LEGO parts is considered "off-topic"?
[Image: picard1.jpg]
Nope. The Off-Topic forum is a free-for-all (subject to the LDraw Forum Usage Guidelines of course).
I post LEGO-related stuff in the off topic forum, so I thought you might like to, too. Confusedhrug:

I just figured "off topic" meant "anything", including LEGO stuff that doesn't fit neatly into the other existing forum categories.
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