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Full Version: [SR 3D Builder] Request and question
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Feature request:
- MPD model support. Too late into my authoring of the Super Star Destroyer did I find out that SR 3D Builder doesn't apper to support MPD models. If it does, it's not readily apparent.

- Is there a good usage tutorial for using this program? The user manual was decent at explaining how to edit and move parts around but less helpful in how to move the camera around.

SR 3D Builder can READ .MPD files, but cannot WRITE to .mpd file format.
Furthermore it may have some trouble and performance degradation if the file contains curved parts created with lSynth since every segment of the curve is managed as single part instead of a unique manageable entity.

Hi Sergio,

What I meant was I'd like to see support to isolate individual models in the an MPD file, edit them, and then save the whole thing as an MPD. I do most of my building in Bricksmith but the connection support in SR3DB would be nice for some of the more complex angles instead of having to calculate them manually.
I'm sorry, but MPD support is only for reading model.
My application does not (and wont) support the MPD submodelling. It will supply similar functionality with grouping management (actually still containing some bug).