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Full Version: [COMPLETED] Part Request: 3070bpXXX (tiles with silver digits)
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Part request: Tiles with Silver Digits.
3070bpXXX (on BrickLink 060-069, or 060-072)
Tile 1 x 1 with Silver Number 0 Pattern (repeated for 0-9 symbols, and a few more).

I'm requesting these because presently in LDraw there appears to be black tiles with silver letters A-Z, but none with digits 0-9. It's been a major annoyance of mine for some time that we've only got tiles with digits 1-4 (black-on-yellow), so it will be really good to get the newer silver-on-black complete set of digits.

There are also a few other tiles in this sequence, all shown here on BrickLink with yellow backgrounds on the images.
Yes, that's a good point. If anybody wants to do this, I can make a scan of the complete alphabet including digits and special tiles (like the 1x2 ".com" tile).

I could make them, if you send me a good scan, Max.
Here was the best image I found of the digits.

I'm working on these now.

How do I number them?
My suggestion is to continue with 3070bpuf, and so on, for the "letters", but use 3070bpu0-9 for the numbers.
Would that be OK?

Do I need to create subfiles for the signs, like the old parts are made?
Are there parts printed in other colours, that could use them?
These subfiles are not named like we usually do. The subfile for letter A is called s\3070bata.dat, and the main file is called 3070bpta.dat. Why?
I have these ready for an upload now, but ran into trouble naming them.
The partnumber 3070bpt1 is allready used for a Mindcraft Micromob tile.

My files are now numbered like this:
3070bpuf, Tile 1 x 1 with Silver "." Pattern
3070bpug, Tile 1 x 1 with Silver "_" Pattern
3070bpuh, Tile 1 x 1 with Silver "-" Pattern
3070bpuj, Tile 1 x 1 with Silver "at" Pattern
3069bpt2, Tile 1 x 2 with Silver ".com" Pattern

3070bpt0 - 3070bpt9 for the number pattern tiles.

Would it be possible to renumber the current Micromob-tile, 3070bpt1.dat ?

If not, what numbers do I use instead?

How do I create a correct description for the @-tile using utf-8 ?
I don't want to move the Micromob tile as it is official.

Please use 3070bpv0-bpv9 for tht number files, although you might find that pv9 is the same as pv6, so not needed.
The special character patterns are good at puf...puj.

The @ sign is not a special character, it's @. Did you have a problem trying to submit the file with @ in the description?
All of these are now at the PartTracker
Thanks for these - look good - all my street shops now have door numbers on the rear entrances!