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Full Version: Implement a maximum embedded image size
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Personally I've always got a bit annoyed seeing embedded images larger than about 500x500px. They take up too much screen real estate and, more importantly, make browsing on small screen devices like phones very difficult. Not to mention the excessive bandwidth.

So I'd like to see a maximum size limit imposed on them. Whether by request or software.

I would like it better to be done like in MediaWiki:
the embedded image shows a scaled down version,
and when clicking on it, you get it in full scale.
I would like my images to be the size that the uploader intended for them to be viewed.

Perhaps this can be a user-settable preference?
Ideally a user option would be best, but it's probably not easy to do.

Given that difficulty I'd argue that a full-size image can always be linked to. This is quite standard for blogs, image sites, wikis and most forums.
This is currently not a settable option so we'll have to go the Usage Guidelines route.
Does anyone else have strong(ish) thoughts on this, either for or against?

Can you provide some links to threads on this forum that have big images? My opinion depends somewhat on how the forum software itself handles them.
eg. this one: http://forums.ldraw.org/showthread.php?t...22#pid1622

Which isn't to single anyone out. There is nothing wrong with the post by the current forum guidelines.

As far as I can tell the forum software doesn't handle them at all. It just inserts the image at its default size.

Hold the phone...

I found a module for this. I'll upload and try it out after work
Excellent Smile
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