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Full Version: upload fixes for official parts to the PT without e-mail to Chris?
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Hi, I would like to suggest a change of procedure:

When we need to fix official parts, we currently have to e-mail them to Chris who will upload them to the PT.
I find this tedious. My suggestion is to allow the upload of such files at the PT.
It should show a warning message "You are uploading a new version of an already official part.
Is this really what you want to do? Your upload will replace the existing official file." and then a YES/NO choice.

Is this possible?

I write this because I have seen forum post
and wondered if we could simplify the procedure for official fixes.
Of course it is possible although I'd prefer a pre-emptive 'update official part' checkbox rather than a retrospective extra confirmation dialog.

The danger is that someone uploads an entirely different part with an existing number, changes the origin without realising the implications or unwittingly breaks a dependency. This would be especially risky for primitives.
In my opinion there needs to be a different work-flow. The goal is to make the upload easier and view those files already without an admin intervention.

- User uploads file (optionally a check-box "upload/replace official (sub)part/primitve" needs to be checked)

- The PT verifies the file and confirms that the file is an official file and 'quarantines' it

- The file in its 'quarantined' state would not be used to 'construct' other parts while it is in this state.

(It can already be reviewed in this status)

- The file can only be moved to the unofficial parts by the part-admin.

An open question would then be the re-submission once the file is 'unofficial' on the PT if corrections are required:
- Would only the original contributor be allowed to upload it?
- Would the file be quarantined again?
- Would any other contributor be allowed to re-submit it again?
The web development time needed to implement that is probably more that I spend uploading official fixes in a whole year.

I'm not sure what problem we need to fix. Have there been unreasonable delays in my processing of such requests? From my perspective I usually turn the straightforward ones around in a few hours. The complex ones (involving renaming or restructuring) would still need admin intervention. Please say if you have other experiences.

Re-submission once on the Parts Tracker is already open to all - it's only the initial submission which is admin-restricted.

I also think that these is more value to be gained from working on new parts, rather than tweaking small detaills on existing official parts.
I'm fully satisfied with the current process.

It is far more disturbing that recycled parts doesn't seem to get the attention they need.
The number of parts in need of a "second opinion", or Hold-voted, seems to be constant since the last release of parts.
In my view there has not been an unjust delay, at least when I mailed parts.

If the development effort is not justified compared to the number of parts that would go through this function, I am basically fine with the current process.

I have to agree with you that getting new parts in shall be the higher priority.
> Have there been unreasonable delays?

No, there have not been such at all.

I was only suggesting this to ease you Chris, from the manual e-mail processing.
If the current process is fine for you - I retract my suggestion.
It was just an idea for automation, nothing urging or important.

Thanks - I am OK with the current process.
Why not upgrade the current form to redirect initial updates of official parts to the part admin email, instead of uploading the file(s) to the part tracker? This could eliminate the alternative workflow with emailing, but does not solve renaming requests etc...

Besides, i never had any trouble or delays when mailing to Chris.