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Full Version: LPUB - Grey out previous step
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I'm trying to create black and white BIs for a model. In order to make it easier to see where new parts are added I would like to grey out all the "existing" parts like MLCad does in view mode. Can I do this with LPUB?
Out of the box LPUB cannot do this.

However in this post, Trevor Sandy showed a screenshot of a modification he did to the LPUB code, may be he can help you out.
Thanks! A very helpful link. I was wondering if this is something LPUB would be able to do or if I could set up LDView (or another rendering program) to provide the images in that way for LPUB.
I peered a bit into the LPUB code myself. It is certainly something that could be added as LPUB itself is using some a similar method to pinpoint submodels and point an arrow to them. To do so LPUB renders everything in white, just the added sub-model is blue.

I have not yet managed to compile it properly with QTCreator 4.6 so I am still trying to get at least the compiler to run first....