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Full Version: Looking for Tires and Rims parts
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I'm looking for the parts attached in the photo.

I've found what I assume is the Tire but I cannot seem to find the rim that goes inside.

A.) If someone can confirm that the part I chose is the same as the one in the Photo.
--- Either Other Parts>T>Tyre 14/ 36 x 20 VR or Tyre 22 30 x 30 ZR (or perhaps something completely different.)
B.) If someone could point me to find the matching rims for these tires.

All would be much appreciated.
Hi Jeff

The best help I can give you is on this webpage.

Bricklink has a good set of pages collecting info about different part relationships.
Thanks, I found out that I can search Ldraw for official Lego part numbers, and found the part is 2994.

It seems to work perfectly with the Tyre 14/ 36 x 20 VR.

Thanks for your help Smile