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Full Version: Alias for 44822?
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For what it is worth, Bricklink considers them as equivalent.
The DAT from digital-bricks is slightly different with an improved fix to hold the hinge in place:

44822 (as in the library)
[Image: 448221.png]

95120 (as on digital-bricks)
[Image: 951201.png]

EDIT: Corrected Part Number! Thanks Magnus
Could someone take a photo of a real part?

Our design looks like the photo at Bricklink, but...
Both designs are present in LDD, and that version of 44822 does look very different.
Are there more than one version of 44822?

wrong partnumber at your picture, Gerald. 95201 is a different part, (but the link is OK).
Finally I found the new one with Benny's Spaceship :-)

I'll add a picture tomorrow, but in a glance:
- The two fingers of the hinge look like the 44822
- There is no semi-circle cut-out on the fingers like 95120 shows
- 95120 has only the two additional arresting knobs
- Backside is exactly the same
Here's a comparison shot:

It is really interesting that the LDD data (at the fingers) differs so much from the real thing.

[Image: hinges.jpg]