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Full Version: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.0 Beta - Preparing for Release
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Update 7:
10th April 2015, 22:26GMT+2: I am still writing the manual. I also improved the build process of the application. It is now easier for me to deliver new features and fast bug fixes in the future. You may have noticed here, that LDPartEditor comes with a seperate updater application, which can search and install new updates.

Update 6:
9th April 2015, 19:30GMT+2: I am writing now a short manual for the installation and use of LDPartEditor.

Update 5:
9th April 2015, 00:16 GMT+2: Milestone 0.8.0 is now complete. The release process starts as soon as possible.

[Image: LDConfigColours.png]

Update 4:
8th April 2015, 21:31 GMT+2: I need one more day again...

Update 3:
8th April 2015, 00:16 GMT+2: Sorry guys. I need one more day. Im am implementing "Glitter and Speckle" support right now... Well, it's very hard to do... Far more difficult than I assumed.
But this is the last feature which I need to complete the LDConfig parser... and the 0.8.0 milestone.

Update 2:
7th April 2015, 22:40 GMT+2: I expect to be ready at 23:50 GMT+2.

Update 1:
7th April 2015, 20:30 GMT+2: I need about three to four hours to complete my work for milestone 0.8.0... I expect to be ready at 23:30 GMT+2.

I will release LDPartEditor 0.8.0 Beta on Tuesday, 7th April 2015 (11th April 2015). This time it will happen Smile
Just 4 days! Great, looking forward to it!
Me too!
Me too Smile
I am tuned, but so far get only static Wink
It is getting exiting...

unfortunately edited posts do not show up at the top of the list, so I missed some of the heads-up!