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Full Version: Could you edit for me a part of one of the stud? It has 16 sides, I need 48
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Hi All,

I am trying all day, to do it but my effords were in vain and I need your help.

I have downloaded parts from this page: http://jc-tchang.philohome.com/manuel/part_hd.htm
Among the .dat files there is t01o0714.dat. It looks like this:

[Image: 2nls7sk.jpg]

Could you please remodel it for me to have 48 sides, instead 16, and match the rest of the 48 stud files?
This is what I need:

[Image: dz6wjm.jpg]

I have no idea how to do this. I need the same dimensions, but more sides.

all you need is PrimGen2 which can be found here: http://ldraw.heidemann.org/index.php?page=primgen2

Just use the following values:
Type: Torus
Divisions: 48
Segments: 4-4
Torus Type: outside
Winding: CCW
Major: 14
Minor: 1

Thank you, but now it looks like this:

[Image: 24648ap.png]

and there are too many segments. I want 4 segments, 48 divisions. Is there any way to do that?

EDIT: Also, the major radius in t01o0714.dat is 5.6 and Minor Radius is 0.4.

EDIT2: Are the optional lines (number 5) neccessary in the model, or as the name suggest, they are really optional? I mean, every dat file has it, but they are just dividing quads into triangles.
I don't need it anymore. You can close the topic.