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Full Version: patterned 90498 Black Tile
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I hope that these may be the last parts to complete 76042 Helicarrier.

90498pb02 Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes with Runway and SHIELD Logo Pattern

[Image: 90498pb02.jpg]

90498pb03 Tile 8 x 16 with Bottom Tubes with Runway Pattern

[Image: 90498pb03.jpg]

If someone has the sticker for 76042 Helicarrier, make it ldr part and upload, please.

Thanks you very much Smile

Do you or anybody has a good hi-res scan of the stickersheet? something like 600 dpi at least would be nice, 1200 dpi is perfect. There are some on Flickr, which are better than nothing...

Maybe this helps:


They are scanned at 600dpi, if you really need higher resolution the files will be very very big...
Thanks for those! Surprising to see how the "big 64" sticker looks... I took it in the meantime from the review at Brickset but those colors are completely off...
What is the actual color with the SHIELD Eagle? Light BLue?
Gerald Lasser Wrote:What is the actual color with the SHIELD Eagle? Light BLue?

Maybe it is distorted by scanning, but the real color is Medium Blue.

Edit: the inverted one uses the same colors of cause.
All stickers (except the description) for the helicarrier are on the PT, look for the number of the sticker sheet "6115204"
Thank you so much Smile

But 6115204a.dat is not shown in 615204 list of part tracker at the moment


Please, check it again.

Isn't this one of the "d" or "e" sticker?
Anyway I wonder why "a" is missing...

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