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Full Version: Design in CAD and then order to your door
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Hi, I’m Matt and I’m a big fan of LDraw and, of course, LEGO. I've been building LEGO in all forms since I could talk – I actually was playing LEGO before I could talk… I’d love to tell you about a related product I’m building that I think you might be interested in.

Form is an app you use to invent amazing things and order them to your door. Using a combination of simple parts (beams, axles, joints, gears) and intelligent parts (processors, batteries, motors, sensors) you can create sophisticated toys, robots or machines. In fact, you can design almost anything you can think of. Or you can browse what other people have made and build their creations instead.

First, design your invention and then hit order. Once your creation arrives, follow the step-by-step instructions to put it together. Whatever you’ve designed – whether it's the ultimate remote control car, quadcopter or roller coaster – you can control it and view all the live sensor data using our app.

If you love your invention you can share it with the community. All shared designs are free to build, you just need the required parts. If another builder doesn’t have all the parts to build your invention, then they can order any extras they need. Each time someone orders parts to build your invention, you are rewarded with money, or credits for more parts.

We’re building a user base of those who are interested in the product and are keen to help us develop it further. We’re making steps everyday and will be sharing our progress with those who join our newsletter – including early previews of all the parts. I’d love to get your input and for you to be amongst the first to find out more.

Sign up here http://www.buildwithform.com