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Full Version: 42039 24 Hour Race Car - SBrick, Power Functions
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42038 24 Hours Race Car

- 2 SBricks / iPhone 6
- Power Functions large, medium and servo motoors
- Lights
- Rear Decklid
- Doors
- Steering
- Accelaration/Reverse

- MPD file (download): 42039S-24H-Race-Car-PF-SBrick.mpd (9MB due to hq flex and wire rendering; all unofficial parts integrated)
- Parts List (download): 42039S-01-Motorized.html - additional parts needed to complete this upgrade
- LPub instructions (pending) - mpd file can substitute in the mean time.

- No stickers
- PF Light (8870) - correct electric 2x2 brick (junction block) does not exist in LDraw so I used the basic 2 x 2 brick (3003.dat)
- Changed the single 13beam decklid open/close lever to more robust double beam design
- Added telemetry antenna
- There is some clash between the right side decklid motor and the decklid which is mostly unnoticable in the physical model so I did not redesign.

- Configured using LDCad 1.4b
- Philippe Hurbain - 2015 Technic unofficial parts
- KBrick/PPung Daddy (SKorea) - 42039 motorization design

Photos and renderings





Great model!
Quote:- PF Light (8870) - correct electric 2x2 brick (junction block) does not exist in LDraw so I used the basic 2 x 2 brick (3003.dat)
Well... it does exist, "Electric Power Functions Light Middle Box (Complete)", 62501c01.dat
Out of curiosity, did you modify my model of 42039 or rebuilt from scratch?
Excellent! I searched and searched with no success. Many thanks - I'll update the model later on.

Indeed, I did try to start with your stock 42039 model but I quickly ran into trouble using it for my objectives:

1. Highlight the parts and steps to motorize the model
2. Generate instructions highlighting the LPub modifications I'm working on - notably step-fading and ROTSTEP placement via an integrated LeoCAD 3D Viewer.

In the end, I ended up reconfiguring most of the stock mpd - you can take a look via the download.

I had alot of trouble with the front shock springs being repositioned by LPub and LeoCad. Especially since I wanted to use "dat" files as parts versus "ldr" files as sub-models. In the end I ended up with 2 mpd files, one targeting LDCad (that's the one I posted) and another for generating instructions.

I used MPDCenter on the file available for download to take advantage of merging unofficial parts into the mpd and to generally standardize the content.

I'm still working throught the version for instructions - e.g. converting a PF medium motor template consisting of 2 parts and generated content into a single part so it can appear correctrly on the parts list.
I have been trying to download the instructions file on my MAC but it won't download have you got any ideas?