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Full Version: Requests on Motorcycle parts
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Is there anyone who will like to convert 85983 from LDD?

Is it possible to change these two LDraw files 30189 and 50860 so they come on the inventory list as loose parts? Right now the only "present" in the form of shortcuts. (See pic.)

Is it also possible to have created a shortcut on old motorcycle body (x900 and x901) without wheels?

Hey Christian,

the conversion is done: http://www.digital-bricks.de/en/file.php?part=85983

But remember: its only a raw verison.

Hej Christian,

The parts you want are allready present in the library. You need to find the 'hidden' parts.

In MLCad they are hiding in the 'Other Parts/Other' section. These parts have a description that begin with a ~ (tilde) sign.
Like this:
30189.dat "~Bike 3 Wheel Motorcycle Forks"
50860.dat "~Bike 2 Wheel Motorcycle Body with Dirt Bike Fairing"

We 'hide' parts that are not easy to disassemble or not commonly found apart. Like two glued halves of an animal body.
I'll look into this issue. Could it be that these parts shouldn't be hidden? Should we remove the tilde sign?

The complete assembly for the old x900/x901 body is still not present as an official part.
It is present, as an unofficial part, at the Part Tracker as:
4480c01.dat "Bike 2 Wheel Motorcycle Frame 3 x 6 x 3 (Complete)"
Quote:Could it be that these parts shouldn't be hidden? Should we remove the tilde sign?
I think it would make sense...
I usually hold LDraw inventory up against BrickLink's inventory.
Here they are listed as two loose parts and LEGO does that too, if I'm not mistaken.

I've sent three parts to Admin.
30189, 50859 and 50860.

Non of them should be hidden.
Three updated part are sent to Admin