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Full Version: Minecraft parts
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I'm starting to create the parts that I find in the Minecraft sets.
I started by this one but I don't know how to name it :
[Image: 6097032.jpg]

I think it should start with some "3003***.dat"...
There are already a few Minecraft patterned parts (list below), codes are not wonderfully well structured.
Guess in your case 3003ptc1 (etc...) would be OK.

Brick  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Creeper Face Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3005p04.dat
Figure Minecraft Micro Mob Creeper    L:\LDraw\parts\3005p04c01.dat
Figure Minecraft Micro Mob Steve    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc2c01.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Enderman Eyes Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc8.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Steve Eyes Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc2.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Steve Nose/Mouth Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc3.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Villager Eyes Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc6.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Villager Mouth Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc7.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Zombie Eyes Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc4.dat
Plate  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Zombie Mouth Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3024ptc5.dat
Tile  1 x  1 with Minecraft Micro Mob Pig Face Pattern    L:\LDraw\parts\3070bpt1.dat

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Ok for me.
But I wondered : is there a reason for taking "*ptc*.dat" ? Why "p", "t" and "c" ?
p is for "Pattern". Otherwise, see here http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/ref/patterns/ but not always utterly clear (I don't know what is the "tc" rationale or where it did come initially).
I created the below ones. What filenames should they have ?

[Image: 6103062.jpg]

[Image: 6104050.jpg]
For the torso, I suggest "973pi0.dat", if I understood the naming conventions.
I think that was a mistake. I can't find anywhere that I suggested that.
Hello Chris. Excuse me, but I don't understand what you are talking about. What is a mistake ?
Patterned parts are usually xxxxp[0-9a-z][0-9a-z].dat The use of pattern codes xxxxptc[0-9] doesn't fit with that. I think it was my mistake to release them as official parts with this nomenclature.
The pattern code allocation is detailed here, and discourages the use of 'i', so I think you have misunderstood.

Do people think we need to allocate a complete code range for Minecraft?
I re-read the "patterned part numbers" page and I am not sure of how to name my parts.
I'll let you discuss about the codes I can use for the "3003ptc1.dat" and "3004ptc1.dat", and if Minecraft deserves a complete code range.