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Full Version: Sketchfab to possibly host native LDraw model support
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Hello fellow builders and fans Smile

I have a very exciting announcment to make: I have been in touch with the Sketchfab (www.sketchfab.com for those who do not know what it is) team to find out wether or not the current state of exported LDraw models to 3DS could be improved, or even to make possible the support of ldr and mpd files native to their service.

Basically, this piece of news has two objectives:

Establish a basis to gauge the number of people that would be interested in such a feature to showcase their models online, in full WebGL 3D (note that I have been using the Sketchfab WebGL iFrame/API for over 2 years now on my blog)

Get a sense of the priority in making the current features of exported models from ldr/mpd to 3DS improved (texturing and primitive substitution).

For those of you who have never seen what a model looks like on there, feel free to browse my Sketchfab gallery at www.sketchfab.com/nathaneltitane and click on any other models you would like to see!

(Note: make sure you have full WebGL support enabled on your browser as you might end up seeing a snapshot fallback of the model if not enabled or supported).

Hey folks,

please let us know if LDraw support on Sketchfab would be useful to you! We could do it, but as Nathanel said we need to prioritize our limited amount of development time Smile

So please make yourself heard if this is something you want.



I'll rise the question in the SteerCo and let you know in a few days.

Hi Willy,

did you guys discuss it? What did you decide? So far, I see very little enthusiasm (at least here on the forum), which leads me to believe we might need to spend our time on other integrations first.


Hi Bart,

sorry for the late reply. There has been a little hickup due to the transition from the old to the new SteerCo. There was little or no response and also I got the impression that there is little interest. I have no idea why? I guess there is an undefined fear that it would require an involvement from our side which would drain forces from an already small community.

Thanks Willy! I'll shelve the project for now, but we'll certainly revisit it in the near future. In the mean time, Nathanel is helping us with some tutorials that should make it easy for LDraw users to get their work up on Sketchfab.

Quick question:

Can I embed sketchfab windows into my own webpage?

Regardless, sketchfab support would be pretty cool!