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Full Version: Cannot rotate on a specified angle
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Hello! How to rotate a part (for example a technic part) on a specified angle? The checkbox "Use rotation vector values" in the "Position & Orientation" window is disabled and the Edit Bar rotates the part only with a some stepSad
You are talking about the known MLCad bug, discussed here


As far I know there is no workaround besides changing the grid stepping. Alternative would be to use another editor (e.g. my LDCad Wink ) to rotate the part(s) and afterwards you continue in MLCad as normal.
LDCad don't work. I see only red crosses instead my model.
That happens when it can't find the LDraw library, did you point it to the correct location at first start up? The LDraw folder is usually at 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw" or something similar. You can change it afterwards using the prefs -> ldraw search locations dialog (select the 'official' library item and change it's folder).