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Full Version: "Wrapping" Tool
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...aaand here's the front part of the sticker! A bit of bleeding can be see although it is .25 LDU from each surface. I hoep this goes away with the completed box!

[Image: 100208.png]
As there is an ever growing number of stickers to be applied on curved surfaces, like the Speed Champions etc, I made a small Excel-Tool (as a proof of concept) that creates does the LDPC template creation for me.

I think I should take it up as a programming exercise for my first C++ program :-) right now everything is still possible with formulas in the cells.

How does it work:
-> You feed it the surface where the sticker shall be applied to
note: currently to work it needs quads and the vertices in an order like this
A ---- D
| |
B -----C
-> the thickness is set to 0.25 LDU
-> you get the template data a few columns to the right...
-> The result can be pasted (with replacing "*" by a <CR>) into a template file

I still need to think of a way to hand over a proper reference point to easily apply the sticker in the CAD programs

And I need to add the box shape for the sticker.

I do some screenshots in the evening and open a new post including the spreadsheet
Could you please copy this to the website and spoil it with more picture?

Thx, w.
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