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Full Version: ME large radius tracks : preliminary coding available
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Hi All,

It would be very nice for LDraw to support the new large radius tracks by ME models. Fortunately, Roland Valenduuk (a member here) and Michael Gale (not a member here) have shared with me some mathematically inclined scripts they wrote that have done some of the hard work. Unfortunately, I'm flat out with work right now and can't do anything.

If anyone has the time and inclination to do these tracks and wants to avoid some of the work please contact me by email to get their work. I have it readily available (java and octave) for anyone that wants it and both Roland and Michael are happy for me to share their work. It will likely save some time.

All the best,

It's taken a while but I've completed the ME Models parts; both connectors, half and double length straight and all 4 radii.
They're available on GitHub: https://github.com/Duq42/ldraw-parts/tre...Unofficial
Have you contacted ME models? It would be great if they provided a link on their website!