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I wrote a few articles for the old ldraw.org website.

<b>LDraw to SimCity 3000 Unlimited Tutorial:</b> A tutorial describing how to import LDraw models into <i>SimCity 3000 Unlimited</i>.
<b>Polarized Glasses Tutorial:</b> A tutorial describing how to render LDraw models (and other POV-Ray scenes) so that they can be viewed in 3D using <a target="_blank" href="http://www.chromatek.com/">Chromatek</a> polarized glasses.
<b>Cleaning LDraw Models for Export:</b> A tutorial describing why it is hard to clean LDraw models for export to other formats and applications.

Does anyone have backups so I can rewrite them for the wiki? Thanks.
Yes. I do but it'll take a little bit for me to dig them up since they're stored in a database backup.
There should be images/illustrations as well as the text.
Those are probably still on the server since I just copied everything from our old image gallery. Even if they aren't there's a pretty good chance that they're on my local machine somewhere. I hardly ever delete anything that's ldraw.org website related.
That works too
Should I re-upload the images to the wiki, or just link to the existing image gallery?

Also, I just requested an account on the wiki. Hopefully I will get approved soon.
The wiki and the main site are on different physical servers so I'd upload them to the wiki. Your account has been approved as well.
OK thanks.
I uploaded some images, but they don't appear in the article. Not sure what is going on. For example:

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