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Full Version: Request for rework of 30394
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I encountered a problem building 70814 Emmets robot:

It seems to me that shovel 30394 (red/green version, 7 teeth) may need some rework as there is a collision.
As the overall shape of the bucket seems fine, I assume that only the hinge and the teeth needs to be repositioned.

The result should looks like the blue version (shovel 47508, 9 teeth).

[Image: shovel_30394_47508.jpg]

kind regards
Compared with LDD data... I'm afraid you're right!
I have this part, but it's about 70 km away from me at the moment. ;-)

Attached LDD version as reference, if you want to work on it...
Visually, it looks like the shovel body has been flipped. The teeth should be on the other end of the body, as should the hinge. If that's all that's wrong, and the body is in fact the right shape, then it might be easier to fix by knowing that.
I'll check it this evening...
Here are the results. The underside is correct, the area between the underside and the hinge is also correct. But the area from the hinge to the top is exactly 12 LDU too high.
I think, I know what happened here: the thickened side area is approx 72 long (but this is diagonal) IRL. But the author seems to used this value as max y-value while the creation process...

If I find the time, I'll rework this part in the next days...