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Full Version: How do you do an Ipod touch wallpaper
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How can I do a good wallpaper for Ipod touch , what angle do I need ?

Thanks in advance
It's more a matter of size than angle.

You need to make a picture with the size 320 x 480. I don't know if ldview can handle this format but if not: take any picture you want and crop/resize it with your favorite picture editor.
I mean in povray
ah OK !

This is how I would do it:

Open a model with Ldview,

Go to "View" -> "Standard Sizes" -> "720 x 480" (same ratio as the ipod one)

Rotate your model to get the desired picture.

Go to "Tool" -> "Show Pov-Ray Camera Info". Click "OK"

Now the camera setting has been copied into Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V function.

Run L3P-Add on, open the .pov with Pov-Ray.

Now delete the entire "Camera" (at the bottom of the file), and replace it by what has been copied from Ldview (Ctrl+V).

Don't forget to change the "#declare ASPECT = 4/3;" to "#declare ASPECT = 3/2;" in the camera settings.

Finally you need to add the required format (480 x 320) to able Pov-Ray to handle it.

This can be done by going to "Option" -> "Edit Resolution INI file"
and by adding the following at the end of the file:

[480x320, AA 0.3]

Hope this help!
You can also just add +W480 +H320 to the command line text window.

Of course the easiest solution is to use LDView with the right ratio and then use its POVray export. Unlike l3p (or at least the last version I used) it doesn't hardwire in the ratio so all will be well.