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Full Version: minifig head condlines
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I have a question:

why does file s\3626cs01.dat not provide ALL condlines for the FULL head
(including the pattern area)?

the pattern could be added by triangles and quads,
but condlines should be always the same in that area IMHO.

Can anybody enlighten me?

I noticed this because file
on the PT adds these condlines itself.
Maybe there was a thought that the condlines should not always be colour 24. Where they cross the pattern they _might_ be better in the pattern colour.
I think conditional lines are required to be color 24, but where they cross the pattern, they might potentially need to be inside the different-colored subfile, so that the final rendered color is different. As a side note, LDView's smoothing won't work if one single conditional line is used between a bunch of smaller triangles (not that LDView's smoothing works very well on most minifig faces).