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Full Version: 13768pb01 - Saruman Hair Piece
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Would greatly appreciate this piece for a project I'm working on. I know it is a slightly more complicated piece, but if someone is looking for a piece to work on Smile


this could be a start... (it is available in the LDD).

Thank you so much, that is really all I need! Is there a library of LDD .dat parts anywhere I can check out?
Hey James,

no, not really. You can find almost all files that exist in the LDD and not in LDraw on this side (grouped by LDD categories) in a LDraw compatible format. But they are only raw conversions of the LDD parts. There are only lines and triangles; no quads or optional lines, no subparts. And they are not official LDraw parts! When they will become official one day, they may get a different origin or orientation or… The providing of these parts was meant as starting points or references for LDraw part authors.