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Full Version: 99240 - Minifigure Hair
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Strangely we have the:

33322.dat - Minifig Crown Tiara

in the latest update but not the needed hair piece:


It works with many hair pieces, eg. 15675 - Figure Friends Hair Long with Ponytail French Braided with 3 Pin Holes
or 15677 - Figure Friend Hair Wavy with Curls and 2 Pinholes
...this explains, but of course 99240 could be done too...
Sure but none in the Minifig category and therefore currently to no use in the Minifig generator.

Otoh Friends hair can be used with Regular minifigs so maybe something should be done there? Seems to be again a problem of parts that logically belong to more than one category...
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Friends hair can be used with Regular minifigs

Are you serious? Looks like I have to cannibalise my daughter's box to check this out and it sounds like more work for the MLCad.ini.

I'm afraid I am completely serious...

Right out from your Freddie Mercury shrine - right?! :-D

Right Wink
Thanks a lot!