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Full Version: Advice on creating curved sides/surfaces
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Hi all.

I've got back onto LDraw and part authoring after a few year's break, and I've started with some curved surface parts, specifically 11291 (http://brickset.com/parts/6019163).

Is there any advice on methods to measuring and creating the curved edges, (rather that trying to repurpose a 2d circular primitive) and top face given that the curve on each side is different?

Please note that 11291 is on PT. Maybe you can see how your 'problem' was solved there?!

Hi Dee,
For this kind of part, I measure and create line edge for each side (using MLCad). Then I build the top skin using Coverer (http://philohome.com/isecalc/coverer.htm).
I have created a lot of tools in this spirit that help parts creation (http://philohome.com/ldraw.htm), and Michael Hidemann has created a GUI around them (and other useful tools such as Windz to BFC parts, or Stl2dat to convert 3D stl files to LDraw format), LETGUI. LETGUI installer contains all tools binaries.
Errr, so it is, I couldn't find it yesterday.. Sad

Thanks for the hints, I'll check them out Smile