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Full Version: Recent downtime and the forum software
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The recent downtime was cause by our forum software conflicting with out webhosts Apache security settings. I've implemented what I consider to be a non-ideal workaround. This issue and the fact that current software is wonky under PHP 5.4+ may force my hand into upgrading the forum software. This unfortunately will mean that the hybrid thread view will go away. Thankfully I did a lot a lot of legwork to convert the for before I decided to abandon the project to based on your feedback about liking the hybrid view a lot. Whether we convert or not is really going to depend on how deeply rooted this conflict is to the core of the form software. Stay tuned for more.
I don't like the hybrid view much. Sad
Michael, you can change your view in the control center
I think I solved the PHP 5.4 issues. Please let me know if there are any issues with broken images/avatars
Ok. Guess not. Have to work today so I'll try another fix tomorrow.
Try number 2. Hopefully this sticks
Still the same result :-(
Yup I know. I'm still working on it.
Think I (finally) found the issue. Workaround implemented. Now to try and solve the root cause.