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Full Version: Lo-Res vs. Hi-Res Primitives (Reworking Part 3943b)
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The existing reinforcements between the bottom tubes of part 3943b are made with the "BOX" primitive. That did its job, but on a closer look you see gaps.

I tried to preplace them with "RECT" primitives and a few quads for the bottom that emulate a HiRes curve. Looked nice, could do the job as well.

Now MagFors showed me a nice primitve "BOXJCYLr". The R available is only 4 at the moment. For the large tubes the part needs to be scaled up. Scaling it up by 2 on the width and 2 by the depth did the job in the editor, but when LDRAW did a primitive substition and used HiRes, the primitve intersected too deep into the tube, loosing the edge line.
When optimizing the primitive for HiRes (Scaling only 1.25) the part looks very good in HiRes, but LoRes give now a very small gap...

See the Pics: (YELLOW: Scaled by 2, RED: scaled by 1.25)
Top view:
[Image: 3943b_boxjcyl4-1lo.png]
[Image: 3943b_boxjcyl4-1hi.png]

And a bit tilted:
[Image: 3943b_boxjcyl4-2lo.png]
[Image: 3943b_boxjcyl4-2hi.png]

I think I will go forward with the hiRes optimized version of the part.

Just some quick thoughts:
If the bottom tubes are modelled low res, then everything which is connected to these tubes must meet them in the right way (must be low res as well)
As we normally don't use high res bottom tubes, please keep going with the low res version.

Indeed, hi-res tube is pure overkill. Now nothing prevent you to create a hires version of the primitive, that will be used when "Use hires primitives when available" is checked in LDview or other programs that have similar option.