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Full Version: LDConfig Confusion
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I just downloaded the latest LDConfig.ldr from http://www.ldraw.org/library/official/LDConfig.ldr
Its header reads:
0 !LDRAW_ORG Configuration UPDATE 2011-06-03

But I already have a copy of LDConfig.ldr, and its header reads:
0 !LDRAW_ORG Configuration UPDATE 2010-06-19

This is supposed to be newer, but in the currently official but older(?), there are four more colours compared to the one I already have on my hard drive.

83 Metallic_Black VALUE #1A2831 EDGE #000000 METAL
87 Metallic_Dark_Gray VALUE #6D6E5C EDGE #5D5B53 METAL
321 Dark_Azure VALUE #078BC9 EDGE #088DCD
323 Light_Aqua VALUE #ADC3C0 EDGE #AFC9C2

What is this file dated 2011-06-19? I don't know where it comes from.
And are those four colours official standard? (I guess so since they are there in the ufficial version.)

Hi Tore,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean with the newer/older discussion. The one you link to has a newer date by just under a year (2011-06-03) than the date you state for your current copy (2010-06-19).

Time to go to bed. 2010 != 2011.
But me being over-tired or not,

Colours 21, 66, and 67
21 Glow_In_Dark_Opaque VALUE #E0FFB0 EDGE #A4C374 ALPHA 250 LUMINANCE 15
66 Rubber_Trans_Yellow VALUE #CAB000 EDGE #8E7400 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
67 Rubber_Trans_Clear VALUE #FFFFFF EDGE #C3C3C3 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
generate the same POV error after being run through L3P v1.4 Beta:

#declare L3Texture21 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(224,255,176,0,250,15)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture66 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(202,176,0,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture67 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(255,255,255,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

Seems like this L3TextureOtherRGBFAL thingie is never being defined?

L3 is out...LDView export to POV-Ray is in Smile
User friendliness is out... Hours of tweaking and searching for and installing include files is in Sad Sad Sad

Parse Error: Cannot open include file lg_defs.inc.
Parse Error: Cannot open include file lg_color.inc.
and so on...

Question 1 (of probably many): If I ever eventually find all include files and extra files requested, can I then make batch conversions running LDView from command line? Like this, but with LDView instead of L3P

: L3P Batch File
L3P.exe @An02000.ldr -cc1740,-105,3410 -cla1860,-85,3430 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov
L3P.exe @An02001.ldr -cc1740,-105,3390 -cla1860,-85,3410 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov
L3P.exe @An02002.ldr -cc1740,-105,3370 -cla1860,-85,3390 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov
L3P.exe @An02003.ldr -cc1740,-105,3350 -cla1860,-85,3370 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov
L3P.exe @An02004.ldr -cc1740,-105,3330 -cla1860,-85,3350 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov
L3P.exe @An02005.ldr -cc1740,-105,3310 -cla1860,-85,3330 -l -b0.25,0.75,1 -o -q2 -ildatsville.inc -ibhills.pov

Question 2: If yes, will LDView make a silent conversion, or will it render every frame before exporting to POV?

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
The errors you're getting are for the LGEO library which I believe is turned on by default (by user request I might add) when doing an export. I'll look up how to turn this off once I'm near a computer.
Correct. In the Save dialog that comes up when you do an export, click the Options... button next to the file type combo box and uncheck the "Use XML mapping file" option. Then hit OK on the options dialog, then save the file as usual. For future exports, you don't have to do this, since it remembers your selected options.
That made the trick.

I saw that option, but as I was looking for something like "Use LGEO Library", it was a too long shot for me. Smile

I don't expect LDView to support camera.dat and look_at.dat, but is there some way to tell LDView where to place the POV camera and look_at-point from outside the program, like command line options, an include or an ini file, or some other kind of META statement?

There isn't full camera placement ability from the command line, but LDView does recognize and support L3P's camera globe command line options. (See LDView's in-depth help file if you don't already know the L3P syntax.) The look-at point can be set with LDView's -ModelCenter=X,Y,Z command line option (also in the help).
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