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Full Version: LDConfig Confusion
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Orion Pobursky Wrote:
Tore Eriksson Wrote:> The only way I see is that inline POV still is
> supported by LDView (but strongly discouraged by
> the LDraw Elite, so for how long...?)
> Only in Official Library files. You own personal
> stuff is perfectly fine.

That's not the impression I get when I read all these Warnings generated by L3P about IFPOV etc statements being... I don't remember the exact word but kind of a synonym to discontinued or obsolete, implying that they soon no longer will be supported. This I believe was also confirmed when I protested at LUGnet.

But if this is the current policy, I am happy and relieved. Please don't change your minds again!

Trust me. It was never the intent to "ban" these commands outright. In fact it's kind of impossible for us to do that. However, I would like to say that a community built POV library would be awesome. My small effort on this front (the LPov project) never really caught on.
(2011-11-24, 2:44)ToreĀ Eriksson Wrote: [ -> ]But me being over-tired or not,

Colours 21, 66, and 67
21 Glow_In_Dark_Opaque VALUE #E0FFB0 EDGE #A4C374 ALPHA 250 LUMINANCE 15
66 Rubber_Trans_Yellow VALUE #CAB000 EDGE #8E7400 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
67 Rubber_Trans_Clear VALUE #FFFFFF EDGE #C3C3C3 ALPHA 128 RUBBER
generate the same POV error after being run through L3P v1.4 Beta:

#declare L3Texture21 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(224,255,176,0,250,15)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture66 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(202,176,0,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

#declare L3Texture67 = L3TextureOtherRGBFAL(255,255,255,3,128,-1)
Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier.

Seems like this L3TextureOtherRGBFAL thingie is never being defined?


I just encountered this same issue, LOL. This thread is the only Google result when searching by the macro's name.
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