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Full Version: DATHeader feature request
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it would be great if DATHeader could check if there are present cond. lines overlapping with edges:

2 24 14.24 11.29 -0.5681 14.14 11.95 -1.059
5 24 14.24 11.29 -0.5681 14.14 11.95 -1.059 12.97 11.75 -0.8606 14.51 9.55 -1.457

Thanks, w.
I remember that I thought about this some time ago. Because I did not yet integrate this functionality into DATHeader there must have been a reason why. I also remember about a discussion of this, but could not find it yet. There might have been circumstances that allows this kind of overlapping.
Does anybody remember that thread?
I don't remember... and don't see why it could be useful to have such overlap. Suggested correction is to delete overlapping condline.
Maybe it will cause in problems with the condlines of cylinders, which are placed at a sharp edge?!
Datheader shouldn't go down into primitives, so this kind of overlap (indeed existing) should't be seen.
Yes, this was in one of the earlier discussions. If we can agree not to look into linetype 1 content it should not be a big deal.
As there is no complain so far, I think I should incorporate this into the next version.