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Full Version: 2490p41 Animal Horse Barding with Black Dragons Pattern
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Please, excuse me, but I'm starting a new topic only because I don't know how to answer MagFors about his review of my part 2490p41. I didn't found an MP service and his email is hidden.

MagFors, I used 3 subfiles because I asked an admin if it were better to make 2 subparts, or to factorize both of them into another one. I'v been answered that some would have 2, and some would have 3, and that, as far he is concerned, he would have 3, in order to have the less bytes altogether.
Is it OK factorized, or should I develop (excuse me for my mathematical language) ?
You can simply review your own parts (not sure if this is possible for other parts as well) with a 'novote' as long as your are (only) a parts author.

I have already cert your parts. On first sight I thought we could combine two subfiles into one subfile. But today i realized that we need to create a new subfile if we would do that. So I do not see any benefit if we change your current files.
Thanks for your answer.
You're welcome.