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Full Version: 3680c01 doubled in official and unofficial parts
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I just found that the 3680c01.dat is in both official and unofficial parts list. They both require the 3679.dat that is also in the 2 lists. But it seems the unofficial 3679.dat "needs work".
Is it normal ?
Yes, it is normal that some parts are in both librarys. This happens, when an author fixed an official part. It will be uploaded into the unofficial library and when the reviewing process is done and the next official library is rolling out, the old part in the official library will be overwritten with the new one.
I don't know what's about 3679 at the moment, cause I have no access to any viewers from work.

I saw some CW polygons in the official version...
Yes, that's possible. There was a rework uploaded to the PT in 2011 and now there is just a Problem about the pin primitive.
I think, I can rework the Pin primitive (there are some glitches anyway) and inline the new pin afterwards, for making this file ready for getting official again...

Actually, I saw CW polygons because of my "low quality studs" option in LDView...