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Full Version: Exporting Ldraw to Blender 3d and other 3d software problems
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I am a guy making LEGO CGI films and every time when i tried my ldraw file to Blender 3D It fails. I've tried every method :

1. Download the LDraw import Python script for Blender from http://web.tiscali.it/ALV/blender/ but It didn't work niether 2.5 and 2.4 version It just have weird dots where the bricks should be.

2. I used leocad to make LDraw files to 3ds file. It worked but LEOCad didn't have that much of an color pallet that MLCad has. All the color that leocad didn't have just turned to black and it was just chaotic to fix every color close to what I anticipated.

3. It turns out that LDview had 3ds export script and I was delighted of it. However when I tried to import in Blender it won't let me do it. Blender stops functioning and responding.

Furious of these bugs and glitches I threw my mouse and it 's broken. Would somebody help me please!!!
By the way Ldraw.org, please put WORKING 3ds export format in MLCad and LDview. Please I beg you!!!!!!!

If anyone has a solution or has simillar problems please answer this message NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry that you're frustrated. Unfortunately we, as LDraw.org, only publish the file format and the library. All the other programs are written by volunteers on their spare time as a hobby. Since the focus lately has been on expanding the library, the support for external 3D programs has lagged.

That said, if the 3DS export on LDView isn't working right for you, I'm positive that Travis Cobbs will have a look at your problem if you contact him.
What about using the STL export function of Ldview? You should then he able to open it in 3dsmax.
How? I don't see his e-mail and I just got in to these group and I don't know how to contact him personally.
Could you kindly find a way to contact Travis?

p.s thanks to you now I feel much better I really wanna thank you. you are such a kind guy. ok now I sent a thank you note now I have to buy a new mouse to replace itBig Grin
The LDView website has an email address for LDView-related email that goes to me. I usually respond to emails sent to me within 24 hours. Having said that, people demanding immediate attention are likely to be ignored for a week or so while I calm down. LDView is, after all, free, and something I work on purely as a hobby.

As it turns out, LDView's 3DS export has a lot of problems. Unfortunately, since I'm using a 3rd-party library to create the files, I'm seriously limited in what I can do to fix it. I do have one fix that I have added since LDView 4.1 was released, and I can send you a link to an LDView build including that fix if you send an email to the LDView email address ([email protected]).

My future plan to work around the problems with 3DS is to add OBJ export to LDView. The OBJ format is purely text, and is quite simple. Exported files will be huge, since OBJ doesn't appear to support reuse of components, but they should at least work.
I've already sent you a message in your gmail. my address (if you don't know) is [email protected]
If you send a link I will thankfully use it very useful. thanks.