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Full Version: Auto correcting (some) defects in the official library
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One side note:

I noticed I've forgot about the qualifier (e.g. Physical_Colour) while changing 'part' into 'Unofficial_Part' But I'm not sure it's needed / wanted at all?

If so I'll do another run only difference being using 'unoffical_part Physical_Colour' if it was 'part Physical_Colour" etc.
As it was only a small change I made an alternative archive

This one preserves the Physical_Colour tag in the cap only fix files (there where none in the exclcap branch).

I've also added the Physical_Colour tag to 979.dat and 980.dat manually, it only being two files and all, as they seem to be the only two files missing it in the originals.
Yes, the qualifiers 'Physical_Colour' and 'Alias' need to be retained.
So guys, what should we do next?
I think Chris answered this question already in the past. All files need to be uploaded to the PT for certifying process.
Yes, but who does this, Chris?
I can only interpret what has been said earlier that it is up to Roland to send these files to Chris, but only if they are supplemented with the missing information required to be possible to upload them to the PT
I assumed Chris would batch 'proxy' upload the ones he liked,

Or at least that's what I understood from this message
Yes - I will proxy submit these. At present there is no batch script to do that, and I have been away all weekend without server-side access.
Almost all of the files in the 'LDraw-1401-autoFixExclCapOnly' archive have now been submitted to the Parts Tracker.

The following have appeared on the Parts Tracker since Roland made this file, so have not been over-written with the auto-fixed versions:


Many thanks to Roland for doing this. Hopefully they can get certified reasonably quickly.

Since this auto-fix file was built against 2014-01, I wanted to make sure these were submitted before the 2014-02 official part update confused matters further. Hopefully I can get 2014-02 out before the end of the year.
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