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Full Version: Official parts with errors/typos
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Hi all.

Working on coding some Java libraries to handle LDraw libraries I hit some parts with errors. Following a brief list with errors/typos I found:

* s\3068s101.dat uses color 391 (unknown)
* 973psk.dat uses color 391 (unknown)
* 4150p02.dat uses color 354 (unknown)
* 973p7b.dat uses color 354 (unknown)
* s\2528s01.dat at line 385 there is a triangle with 4 vertices
* s\6582a.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6582b.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6580a.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6581a.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6594a-c.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6595a-d.dat all quads are "bow-tied"
* 2907.dat some quads are "bow-tied"
* s\6579a.dat all quads are "bow-tied"

Hi all.

Part 3678b.dat "Slope Brick 65 2 x 2 x 2 with Centre Tube" uses wrong "tube" on bottom.

Tube using "stud2a.dat" but its size is wrong (should be "stud4a.dat"?). Checked on Bricklink, LDD and LDraw editor (no check in real part, I don't have one).

Attached screenshot file shows 3678b (right, with green selection box) and 3003 (left) to compare underside tubes.

Thanks for spotting this. I'll check this evening.

Part is corrected. and sent to our admin. He will load it to the PT... It is on PT...

Thank you Smile

Hi all.
While building this, I noticed that metal detector (part #4479.dat) bar seems too large. Part file reports scale of 6 but I think correct value is 4.

Yes, it is wrong. And a comparition with LDD data reveals even more issues.
This part is currently present at the PT, so these issues can be fixed now.

trans-red is ldraw. green is LDD

One more:
Part 6216.dat (Brick 2 x 4 x 2 with Curved Top)
Underside "stud3a.dat" and reinforcing internal ribs are 1.5 LDU too short. Internal "stud4a.dat" is correct.

Part 6082 "Panel 4 x 10 x 6 Rock Rectangular"
"stud3a.dat" on opposite sides are 4LDU too short.

ldd.png shows LDD model image
ldraw.png shows LDraw model

PS: can I submit correct models? How can I do?

Thank you

see here: http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/

To submit parts, you must be authorized as an author on the Parts Tracker and have read and affirmed the Contributor Agreement.
To become authorized as an author you must first register with the LDraw.org Forum (it's free) and then send an email to the Parts Library Admin (Chris Dee) with your true first and last names and your LDraw.org username. You must also include the statement "I accept the LDraw.org Contributor Agreement with regards to all past and future contributions I make to LDraw.org".

and here: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/tracker/submit.cgi

To submit a fix for an existing part, email the file to parts@ldraw.org, and it will be manually posted to the tracker.
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