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Full Version: Official part file validator
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I'd like to see an official, web based, part validator in the vein of Mike Heidemann's DAT Header program. A simple web interface where a part author can submit a part and be served back an error list and possibly a fixed, error free part. I would gladly host such an app on the LDraw.org servers.
Maybe even take a step further and replace the l3p checks on the PT with something like this. Unfortunately DATHeader was quite closed source last time I checked. Sad
I can't remember that question!
LDView could probably be modified to write it's finding to a log instead of it's error dialog as it's already present on the part tracker server I believe.
The command line LDView could indeed be modified to output warnings and errors to a log file (or stdout/stderr) with relatively little effort.
I agree.

The header checking already exists as a (more or less) self-contained script on the Parts Tracker and is used the the parts update build. I have resisted including that as a mandatory check upon file submission for fear of losing parts (and part authors) for want of a few simple corrections that can be done as admin edits.

But DATheader does a lot more...
Yes. And I want something to automate the correction process as much as possible while also being completely browser based and therefore platform independent. Streamlining the system with good, platform agnostic tools is something that needed to happen years ago.
I agree, but Mike has done a great job with DATheader in the absence of browser-based tools.
Chris Dee Wrote:But DATheader does a lot more...


Please let me know the meaning of "nod".
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